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The "Twitter Massive Influence Virtual Summit" is EXCLUSIVE training that will teach you Advanced Twitter Strategies you won't find anywhere else!

Are you struggling to make money & land NEW clients from Twitter?

Are you spending TOO MUCH time managing client accounts, even on Hootsuite?

Are you confused on HOW to strategize for new leads, traffic, & sales?

The Twitter Massive Influence Virtual Summit will teach you how to Effectively & Efficiently leverage Twitter to increase your INFLUENCE & INCOME!

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Before I started making a REAL difference on Twitter, my Twitter approach was like every “Social Media” professional. From tweets about recommendations & advice, to engaging like-minded tweeps, to the occasional lunch tweet to keep the “human” side relevant…Life on Twitter was, life on Twitter…I did what every good Twitterer did:

I followed & engaged industry Influencers @StarrHall, @Kikolani, etc…

Scheduled tweets in advance with links from @Mashable, @VentureBeat, etc…

I lived on to connect on behalf of clients

Used Hootsuite to manage ALL my Twitter accounts


My progress was slow in terms of my follower growth, I WASN’T landing any new clients, and it was actually taking me longer to schedule tweets for myself and ALL of my clients, even on Hootsuite…After I had mastered all the intricacies of Hootsuite. I even went to the lengths of taking high-end Twitter courses to brush up on my skills…YET, my Twit game wasn’t as productive as I needed it to be :(


I made it a point to do further research on “productivity” tools on Twitter and test them out myself. I went through SOOOO many twitter applications that my poor email inbox became inundated with username and password “Reset” emails because I couldn’t keep up with the passwords for each. LOL

I eventually found a groove and got into a manageable pattern/routine that really moved me along quite quickly. I started to secure some PR opportunities AND was able to land a couple NEW clients. As I began to ramp up my traction on Twitter, companies & organizations were taking notice and I started to receive emails & phone requests about Twitter. My productivity skyrocketed as my routine turned into a replicable procedure I was able to pass on to my team.


that’s when I decided to turn my successes into an actual program in which I can help other “Social Media” professionals (as well as the general public), business owners, entrepreneurs, etc…leverage their time on Twitter & maximize their efforts into REAL profits! The “Twitter Massive Influence Virtual Summit” is a training program featuring the exact same Twitter applications that we use to build our business and help our clients get the results they want!


Here’s what you’ll GET in this FREE training

  • 5 Exclusive audio interviews with each of the Developers
  • Best Practices for each of the applications on Twitter.
  • Actionable items to implement instantly to increase your Influence & Income.

Here’s what you’ll LEARN in this FREE training

  • How to get MORE clients by using Twitter
  • How to substantially INCREASE sales with just 1-hour a week on Twitter
  • How to create an ADDITIONAL STREAM OF INCOME with Twitter
  • How to EXPLODE YOUR MESSAGE with 1-click
  • How to tweet at OPTIMAL times for MAXIMUM reach

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This virtual summit and special training is EXCLUSIVE to the TMI20 series and cannot be found anywhere else online!

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